Corporate Profile

Corporate Philosophy

The RDX group aspires to be a valuable company for stakeholders and society, always looking towards the future.

We fulfill customers' expectations and "create" new values.

We "appreciate" the surrounding environment and people, and fulfill social responsibilities to realize a prosperous future.

We "take on challenges" for sustainable growth to be a company that motivates employees.

Code of Conduct

As a member of the RDX Group, we are expected to understand the social responsibilities of the company and contribute to society through its business activities.
For these purposes, we voluntarily act in compliance with the policy below:

To be a company selected by customers,
we always put customers first and establish "reliable" relationships with them through activities with "integrity".

To fulfill social responsibilities,
we recognize our social "responsibilities" as a company and operate our business while considering the "environment" of the earth.

To be a company that motivates employees,
the employees behave "voluntarily" with "pride" and "humbleness" to establish a transparent and "united" culture.


As a company supporting office informatization, RDX provides one-stop services from consulting to design, development and implementation, and support in the core business fields below:

System Solutions
Network and Security Solutions
Internet and Web Solutions
Office Equipment Management

Employment of Handicapped People

To promote employment of handicapped people, we established "Riberal Co., Ltd." in April 2008 (It was certified as a "special subsidiary company" in October 2008).
Riberal Co., Ltd. cooperates with support organizations such as welfare workshops and special-needs schools, continues to provide a work environment in which handicapped people can play important roles and aims to become the best special subsidiary company in Japan, thus contributing to society.

~Award History of Riberal Co., Ltd.~

2011 Selected as a "Corporation Contributing to Society through Its Business by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Board of Education".
2013 Selected as an "Excellent Business Employing Handicapped People".
2016 Awarded "KAIKA Grand Prix".

Consideration for the Environment

In October 2015, we started solar power generation business. Through this business, we are committed to diffuse and promote eco-friendly "renewable energy" and make social contributions such as countermeasures for power shortages and reduction of environmental stress.

Consideration for the Environment

Origin of the Company Name

RDX means "root" or "source" in Latin.
We aim to become a company with firm "roots" to connect with stakeholders and society.